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“Pageless” Website

With the advent and relentless advancement of handheld devices like mobiles and tablets, the single page website has assumed tremendous importance in the digital world

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Single page websites: Is it a game changer?

With the advent and relentless advancement of handheld devices like mobiles and tablets, the single page website has assumed tremendous importance in the digital world. A single webpage with all the relevant information right in front of the visitor is a very fast delivery system and no wonder that it has become so popular these days.

The role of the ‘story’

The main purpose of a website is that of a story teller. All websites exist to tell a story the essence of which varies along with the target audience. But the objective of every website is to attract customers, viewers, partners or supporters. The objectives are met only after a certain action is performed by the visitor and this action occurs only if the visitor is impressed with the story.

Simply put, stories are the best vessels for the delivery of information. The information is transmitted naturally and is usually more easily acceptable when in the form of a story. A good story is not just understood but it leaves a lasting impression that can change someone’s perception and inspire them to do something that they would not otherwise have done. And to achieve this, we design pages that are beautiful compositions of immersive, exciting experiences that are far beyond the story-telling capabilities of traditional media.

User Interface matters

The experience of a single page website is very different from a conventional webpage. The work needed to hunt for information in various pages like About, contact us, home page is frequently distracting. It disrupts the flow of thoughts in the visitor’s mind. On the contrary, a single page websites delivers all the information seamlessly and naturally and the owner’s vision and ideas leave a much deeper impression overall. The experience is also better because of the uncomplicated nature of the website where instead of confusing links and tabs, a simple scroll is all that is needed to unearth the next part of the story.

Emotional appeal

The story presented in the website reaches your audience on a very basic level. This is made possible by the use of new advancements in HTML5, CSS3 and Java which are woven together harmoniously to create an experience that evokes deep and visceral emotions in the audience, something that a simple website with text and photographs could never accomplish. These are enabled by interactive animations in the form of little opening boxes, turning pages and animated pictures, all of which add the colour to the story that we are trying to tell. And the more emotionally moved the visitor is, the greater is the likelihood of a favourable response from him.

Higher conversion rates

The ability to create and leave an impression is of paramount importance for realisation of the primary objective of your website: higher conversion rates i.e. increase the number of successful transition from visitors to customers, readers, partners. Given the elegance, simplicity and satisfying experience of these sites, visitors do tend to become permanently associated with it. This leads to an increase in the growth of your online community, increase in traffic and sales and better advertisement and reviews of your product.

Easier Management

It is important to keep updating your website based on user feedback or addition of newer services. Since the website has only a single page, it adapts easily to the new changes that are made. This leads to faster and more frequent upgrades and reduced server downtimes which is very important to maintain a good level of customer satisfaction. It is substantially easier to maintain a pageless design than a complicated project with several pages each of which needs to be customised according to specific changes or updates.


Large bulky websites with multiple pages are impossible to share and pasting a link to a specific part of a website doesn’t have the same effect. This discourages prospective customers from visiting because of the irritating nature of landing pages which makes it evident that you are trying to sell them something. Instead, sharing an interesting story and compelling user experience with someone else not only piques their interest but they are also more likely to arrive on the site with an open mind and spend more time on the simple pageless site they are visiting.

Compatible with all devices

We create pageless websites with responsive design. This implies that they can be viewed on screens of all sizes with a guarantee that the viewing experience is going to be equally good irrespective of the size. This leads to easy and intuitive access to the website which promotes its usage across all devices and catapults your website ahead of its competition.


Lastly, we come to the question of price. In this respect, the advantage of a pageless design over older designs is evident. Traditionally, it has always required thousands of dollars, a long time and a lot of hard work to design an attractive, customised website tailored to your needs. With a pageless design, however, that has changed. Nowadays, it is much easier to make an exciting and captivating website at much lower prices.

In fact, with the popular use of this design, we may actually witness an explosion of fast, beautiful websites all over the internet making it possible for everyone to possess, use and upgrade their own pageless websites.

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