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Technical support

Keeping your website updated is essential to making sure that you’re always getting the best results

Maintenance & Technical Support

Not many people realize this, but websites also need constant maintaining, otherwise they tend to stop functioning properly, or simply offer outdated information that no longer serves the audience that it is targeting.


let’s get your website back in shape!

With this in mind, in case you have a functioning site and would like to see a couple of changes implemented, or have the site improved from A to Z, then we will surely be able to help you out.

Based on this, feel free to get in contact with us in order to allow us to go through the changes that you would like to see implemented on your site. Together with this, we will also offer a quote alongside with an estimated turnaround time for your project.



While online transactions worldwide reached over $235 billion in 2013, a 44% increase from 2012, Internet users are becoming increasingly weary of issues related to bugs, email taps, and other forms of hacking.  Website security is a major concern now more than ever so you need to convince visitors that your association website is secure.


Do not wait! Let us prepare your website and give hackers a difficult time

when they will try to hack your website.

There are some different preventive measures we will take in order to minimize the risk of getting your website hacked.

First of all, you have to be sure that the scripts and plugins on your website is current with the latest updates. Then, it is highly recommended to make backups of your website often and keep them not only on server side, which might hacked too, but send them to Dropbox and keep on PC. We suggest making backups at least once a week in order to always have fresh copy of your website. So, if your website even get hacked, it will be easy to restore it without painful processes.

It is also important to have secured login and password to your website, and make a setup to limit the number of failed login attempts and even ban an IP for a specified number of hours.

As keeping your website updated is essential to making sure that you’re always getting the best results, many of our clients tend to choose to work monthly with us, based on a contract. We will be able to make you an offer at a lower hourly rate, and ensure that you receive a report on how each minute was spent while working on your project.

  • Design and web site development;

    • Website Hosting, Email, and Domain Name Registration
    • Small businesses websites
    • Online stores, E-commerce websites
    • Landing page – one page website
    • Blogs Development
    • Forum Development

Have an idea? We’re here to help you manage your work